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How to submit a claim with Medway.

No forms to download. We’ll send them to you!

Based on the information you provide, you will be emailed the appropriate forms along with detailed requirements. Provided you submit all the correct information, your claim will be processed within the time frames stipulated on your policy document. Please see the information below for frequently asked questions regarding claims processing.

1. Call us now on  0860 633 929

2. Contact us via  Whatsapp here

3. Claim using the Medway App

If on PC, scan the QR code below with your mobile device to install.
Alternatively, if on mobile, click here to download.

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Questions you may have regarding your claim

How long does it take to process and pay my claim?

Whilst your claim is in process, you will be kept updated as to the progress and/or further requirements by the appointed Underwriters.
Note that on a fully completed insurance claim, with supporting documentation, the turnaround time is 10 working day and 48 hours for a Funeral claim.

When will my claim not be processed?

Where the insurer has investigated and found that the condition relating to the claim was not disclosed at time of application and is considered a non-disclosure, in which case the policy may be cancelled by the insurer.

Where your medical scheme cover has lapsed or is terminated at the time of the incident, and where you are claiming for medical expense shortfalls.

When you are claiming outside the required 12 month period and/or the claim was not submitted within the 6 months of the incident and you do not sufficiently justify the lateness of submission .

Where you have not provided all the required documentation.

Where you have provided false information, in which case the policy may be cancelled by the insurer.

Where the dependent you are claiming for no longer meets the eligible spouse/dependent definition.

Where your medical scheme has rejected the claim.

Where you are claiming for a benefit that is only applicable in the case of accidental injury and you did not have an accident.

Where you are claiming for accidental injury and the ICD10 codes are not listed as accident codes.

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