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Key cover for critical moments

Ensuring the best private medical care in the event
of accidental injury.

No medical scheme cover?
We’ve got you & your family covered for accidental injury and more.

We understand that the cost of private healthcare remains out of reach for many.

In the absence of a medical scheme or private health insurance, most individuals and their families are forced to visit state facilities.

Whilst elective (routine) procedures are relatively well managed in state hospitals, the same cannot be said for trauma facilities and non-elective in-hospital treatment. State facilities are just too overwhelmed and under-resourced.

This benefit opens the door to high-quality emergency medical care at private casualty facilities in the event of either you or your family members suffering an accidental injury. It goes further to care for you and your family by providing key financial support at a critical time.

We believe everyone deserves the benefit of the best medical care and financial support at a time of crisis.

At an affordable R180 per month, we provide both trauma cover and cover for non-medical expenses resulting from accidental injury.


  • Casualty Cover
    Allows for R12 000 per person per annum for emergency treatment in the casualty ward of a private hospital as a result of an accident. Includes cover for children younger than 5 years of age requiring emergency after-hour treatment in a casualty ward for illness.
  • Trauma Cover
    Guarantees a fixed daily payment in the event of surgery in hospital due to accidental injury as follows:
    Day 1 – 3 (R3 900 per day)
    Day 4 (R2 000)
    Day 5 onward (R1000 per day)
  • Hospital admissions which include medical procedures or surgical procedures under local anaesthetic:
    One thousand rand (R1 000) for each day hospitalised.
  • Accidental Death & Disability
    Pays out a total of R50 000 in the event of either death or permanent disablement, due to an accident, as defined, per person per lifetime. This includes a weekly sum payable to you in the event of temporary disability due to an accident, as defined.

Add bereavement cover for just R70 per month and reduce financial stress at a time of loss.


  • Financial support in the event of death
    A cash sum paid on the death of the insured or the insured’s family, aimed at covering funeral costs as follows:
    – R15 000 cover for principal insured and spouse
    – R6 000 for children
    – R4 000 for stillborns (26 weeks+).
    An additional cover of R10 000 is provided for the principal insured and spouse for accidental death.
  • Value Benefits
    In the event of the death of the principal insured and/or the spouse only, there is a R2 000 payout for the use of a vehicle at the funeral.
    This cover also provides for the repatriation of the mortal remains up to R5 000 per insured person.
    Terms and conditions apply to all Value Benefits.

Get accidental injury cover from just R180 p/m

It takes just 2 minutes to sign up and get you and your family covered today!

Our friendly consultants are available throughout the short process to answer any questions you have may have along the way. You can cancel at any time.

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