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A memory worth leaving

Get the support your family needs at a time of loss.

Knowing that your loved ones will be treated with
compassion, care and dignity at a time of loss, can help to
make this painful time just a little bit easier.

Death is not something any of us like to think about, but as a parent or a responsible member of your family, making financial provision to cover funeral expenses in the event of a death in the family is crucial.

With Heritage Bereavement Cover you can stop worrying and start enjoying the life you have now, content in the knowledge, that if and when the time comes, your family won’t be burdened with financial stress during a difficult period of grief.

Trust Medway to assist you in your time of need

Full Family Cover. One Policy

Providing funeral cover for you and your direct family members will ensure that the cost of a funeral will not put undue financial pressure on your family. With Heritage Bereavement Cover, both you and your spouse, plus up to five of your children, are covered under a single policy at an affordable monthly premium.

Generous Cash Payouts

Experience peace of mind with Heritage Bereavement Cover, as we provide ample financial support for your family’s final farewell. From covering funeral expenses and repatriating mortal remains to ensuring seamless transportation to and from the funeral, we’ve got it all covered. We understand that a standard funeral can cost a minimum of R30 000, and that’s why we offer a generous cash payout of R30 000 each for the principal and spouse, along with up to R10 000 for each child on your policy. With Heritage Bereavement Cover, your loved ones can focus on honouring your memory without worrying about financial burdens.

Same Day Processing

Medway understands the need for urgency. We’re committed to processing your claim within a mere 48 hours, ensuring you receive the prompt and efficient service you deserve.

Plus more…
Heritage Bereavement Cover provides comprehensive coverage that goes beyond basic funeral expenses, ensuring support for additional funeral-related and ongoing costs during challenging times.

Double cover benefit for accidental death for the principal insured and spouse

The chosen cash payout amount doubles if the cause of death is accidental.

Vehicle benefit

Hired car with free usage for four days (including a tank of petrol) in the event of the death of yourself or your spouse.

Repatriation benefit

The policy pays out R5 000 for the mortal remains of the deceased to be transported to the burial home.

12 Month premium waiver benefit

It may be a comfort to know that should you or your spouse die, we will cover your premium payments for 12 months.

Thereafter, the policy may be continued by the surviving spouse and dependents. Just another way to make the path ahead a little easier for your family.

Get family funeral cover for just R110 p/m

It takes just 2 minutes to sign up and get covered today!

Our friendly consultants are available throughout the short process to answer any questions you have may have along the way. You can cancel at any time.

*Prices quoted are indicative of your risk profile as defined by Medway.

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