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The importance of cancer cover

Faced with fighting cancer, you may need more than
most medical schemes offer.

Our cancer cover plan gives you the option to choose your own treatment plan in line with your medical specialist’s advice.

With increased healthcare costs and benefit restructuring, medical schemes often do not provide adequate cover for potential cancer threats, regularly subjecting patients to benefit sub-limits and protocol restrictions. As a result, high-cost biological drugs may be excluded, despite the fact that these treatments often provide a better quality of life and outcome for the patient.

This is why it has become essential to include a cancer cover component in your healthcare plan.

Get the freedom to choose the cancer treatment that will benefit you most, plus significant financial support when you’ll need it most.

  • Biological / Immunotherapy Cancer Treatment Cover
    Biologicals and Immunotherapy can be expensive treatments and these innovative cancer treatments are subject to strict annual sub-limits imposed by your Medical Scheme. Should you have reached your pre-determined limits before your cancer treatment has been finalised, you would need to either pay the shortfalls yourself or consider discontinuing treatment due to affordability. By selecting the Cancer Treatment Cover, you can be assured of an available amount of R 198 000, per person per annum, to assist you with these shortfalls.
  • Financial support when you need it most.
    An initial cash payment of R100 000 on the diagnosis of a defined cancer (per person per lifetime) to assist with costs associated with either loss of income or other incurred expenses. This benefit can also be used to pay for additional treatment required when your medical scheme imposes a sub-limit on your cover.
  •  An additional cash payment of R300 000, on approval of a biological treatment plan, is available to you when your annual Medical Expenses shortfall benefit of R198 000 has been exhausted.

Our cancer cover plans start from as little as R209 p/m* for the whole family

A quote based on your profile takes just two minutes. Let’s get you peace of mind.

*Prices quoted are indicative of your risk profile as defined by Medway.

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